Hello GROW Y’OWN Farmers!

Hope your grow beds were full of greens all winter long. It feels good to grow your own food supply, doesn’t it? And your yields will improve over time. Terra and I harvested arugula, tatsoi, parsley, seven kinds of lettuce and Swiss chard right through the coldest New Mexico nights and days. Just look at the photo!

St. Patrick’s Day is always my cue for putting in our peas. This is also a great time to start other new crops such as radishes, green onions, a variety of lettuces, carrots, beets, and leeks. Be sure to check out recommendations for Spring and Summer growing under Seasonal Planting.

If you got winter covers with your GROW Y’OWN units, be sure to call or email me to put in your order for summer covers. This year we’re also offering a new product – 6-foot Pea/Bean Towers for our vertical veggies. You can get more details by visiting the GROW Y’OWN Products corner of our Web site.

I’d love to see how your garden grows. If you have a chance, please email the occasional photo of your crops to me – and pass along any tips you have for other growers.

Happy farming!